Self-discovery Finding purpose and passion: Vibrational Thumbprint™ Empowerment Embracing challenges: Vibrational Poise™ Enlightenment evolving your soul: Living a Higher Vibration™ Are you facing adversity, feeling stuck or settling for less? Are you ready to stop being a victim and start living a meaningful, courageous life, driven by your own heart?


Hypnosis is a deep relaxed state that uses guided visualization. It allows the conscious mind to be quiet while accessing the subconscious mind so they can come together in agreement.

Past-life regression uses hypnosis to regain memories of past lives or incarnations for the purpose of healing and spiritual development. It may suggest or reveal a relationship to current life fears, phobias, relationship issues and other manifestations, such as allergies and illnesses.

Personal Transformational Healing™ combines heart-centered therapy and healing touch for a gentle, loving approach to spiritual and emotional healing. We can help you let go of the past and cease worry about the future so you can begin living fully in and enjoying the present

I am a teacher, writer and hypnotherapist-life coach with more than 40 years of experience with both traditional and alternative approaches to health, wellness and spirituality. I have explored the leading topics in contemporary soul evolution.

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