Tracey Lynn Cox, MBA, MCHt, LBL, CWC



I am a certified coach, healer and wellness advocate, passionate about guiding restless souls to a sense of oneness with our creator so they can begin living the divine life they are meant to live.


MBA Business Management, University of Dallas
BS Ministry and Leadership; Dallas Christian College
MCHt Master Hypnotherapist; National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists
LBL Life Between Lives; National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists
CWC  Certified Wellness Coach; Wellcoaches™
HTCP Healing Touch Certified Practitioner; Healing Touch Program™
LMT Licensed Massage Therapist, TX,CO, MO



I’m a lifetime student of the bible and other spiritual studies. My strong, spiritually grounded parents lived their truth, embraced some incredible challenges, and they allowed me the space for psychic development, spiritual discovery and my own TRUTH. Yet, I began my professional life with my EGO in charge, where EGO means Edging God Out.

I was a successful health and wellness consultant for more than 20 years – truly at the height of my career – when I suddenly woke to a lightning bolt of facial pain – trigeminal neuralgia. With the help of some incredible coaches, I soon realized that the physical pain was caused, in part, by my emotional pain and longing, combined with a compulsion to control my life on my own terms. On my knees, I asked myself the question you may be asking yourself today:

”Do I choose to continue working to control my life? Or is now the time to let go and begin living my divinely designed life?”

My prayer was simply this: “I know there’s a gift in the experience. Let me find it.” And I did. This dramatic encounter inspired me to surrender the pain of loss and separation I was feeling. It was soon replaced by a blinding light. I was washed in joy, gratitude, peace, forgiveness and grace.

First: I chose to be a victor rather than a victim.
Second: I chose to live a courageous life – from the heart.
Third: I totally and completely surrendered my ego to our Divine Creator.
Today, my purpose is my commitment to the evolution of the soul. Today, I want to help you learn to live into the divinely designed life you are meant to live.



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